0 byte json file of Gdevelop is Real

I work on the file for 3 hours maybe but save it every 10 minutes. I try to preview my game and suddenly the windows go blank, but I already save the file before and I think it would be OK if I open it again. so I close the blank windows and open the GDevelop again.
but the file cant open, I try to open the file on explorer and I am shocked to know my file is 0byte even though the autosave file is 0byte too.

This is personal, I have similar problems, X events can literally block the computer! So I recomend make copys, I have 3 copys in extrems situation… BUT helps a lot in this case. This error you aren’t the last just I can recomend “make external copys”
Sorry for my bad english

I believe some safety checks were added to avoid this issue.
Which version of GDevelop are you using? (Found in Help/About)
Either way, it’s a good idea to save to a new filename every now and then.

This is my first time using Gdevelop, so I am not familiar with the bug or anything. thank you I will definitely make copies.

I use the last version which is 5.0.132 based on Gdevelop.js 4.0.99-0-release.
yeah, it’s my first time using Gdevelop, so I don’t pay attention to it.
It makes me worried about when the bug will happen again.

  • What do you mean by X events?
  • Also are you using CTRL+Z often?

Did you press multiple times the save button and close the app in the next second?
Because this could be a problem if the save isn’t finished.

I think I use a lot of saving and preview, maybe this is the problem, thanks I will try to wait until the project is saved properly.

I don’t know how i made, later I try to reply and post here, because literlly block the computer and the last option I do it are power off (push button power 10 sec)
Later power on computer and all ok (just block in visual demostration)