01's Blackhole Demo

Just released a patch today, it should fix some of the major issues and make the game better to play through. (Mac and Linux builds will be out later.)
Web and Windows are out now

0.1.3 is out for MacOS and Linux now

I played the online version again and yes with the low sun at this time of year where I am, the z and x were still not very clear to me because of extreme room brightness. Although yes, I did master the space key this time, hahahah.

I couldn’t remember from this thread whether I was meant to press the z or x so did both but not at the right time apparently as I ended up locked in a room with a dagger. Then there was a new symbol, a mouse? I didn’t manage to get out of the room and didn’t really understand the significance of the bombs or what I was meant to do with the dagger.

But yes haha, I don’t have a background in this type of game so my comments are not coming from your target audience. I just used the same newgrounds link given above so assume that has the fixes you mentioned. Good luckkkk!!!

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