1 simple question - How to make a new enemy!? :?

This has been driving me nuts all week and either it’s so simple that I’m seriously overlooking something or too thick skulled to get it.

So, here I am. First time ever making a video game. I’m using Web Platform → Web Shoot 'Em Up game.

I’ve been able to figure out a lot of the other stuff (add music, sound effects, change out the appearance of the spaceships or rocks to something else, how to change the appearance of the ‘bullets/lasers’, even how to add background pictures), but I just can’t seem to figure out how to add a new enemy. I want it to work the same way as first or second little space ship (bad1 or bad2), just different images (since I’ve got 9 different bad guy characters I wanna use) but how!?!?
So, yes, a copy paste of the two bad spaceships and what they do do (because if I can do that, pretty sure I can handle swapping out the picture of the ships to my charcters to use and I’ll be good to go).

PLEASE help me out with this. I’d appreciate it big time! Thanks in advance!

Use a random number function. You make a random number like this:

Variable(nameofvar) = Random(range)

So for example.

Variable(myvariable) = Random(8)

Will set myvariable to be equal to any integer 0-7 inclusive. You can then check this value to generate a ship. So, if(Variable(myvariable)) = 0 create ship 1 at x = 0, y = 0, if(Variable(myvariable)) = 0 create ship 2 at x = 0, y = 0. etc

First off, thank you for helping me out with this.

Second, and my apologies for asking this (seriously, I am VERY new to this), where should I write that coding at? Does it even matter where? (because all the separate blocks to the left and right I’m still having a bit of trouble getting to understand what goes where and what it means in each spot.)