2 quick and unasked questions? about events!!!!!!!!!

question 1
How to make certain things appear while and where two objects are colliding I want some vfx appear on the position where two certain things are colliding. it is never confirmed where? so it seems really difficult. like i am using the action "create this object X(), Y(). not sure what to right here.

question 2
suppose you are creating a superman game… you wanna give him power of heat vision (laser you know), now you wanna use tiled sprite. but now you wanna do two things.

  1. You want this sprite’s width to grow(until it hits the screen).
  2. You want this sprite’s width to be stopped when it hits the first enemy.

There are better ways to implement something like this. In the next release, there will be a pick nearest option. For implementation right now, it would be better to iterate over objects to find the nearest by checking their distances, rather than using a huge sprite (I assume you want the laser to just hit the nearest enemy?).

The best way depends on the size and shape of the objects that are colliding (unless there is a clever hack someone clever like Victor or Lizard knows :p). What exactly is colliding?

possible answer to question 1

set the condition - object is in collision with object 2
action - create object vfx at point.x(vfx point),point.y(vfx point)

you will have to create a point on one of the objects where you want the vfx to be created and assign the created image to the point on the sprite.

that i already know what if i want the that vfx object to be created any where the collision happens