2 weird bugs (Exit game and Tilemaps+Particles)

Bug 1 - Somes players are saying that the button to close the game is not working on iOS. The action works just fine on preview and most android devices

Bug 2 - When a particle with additive rendering is created, the whole tilemap object gets white like it also had (or somehow inherited) the aditive rendering mode.

Thanks for reporting.
For issue #1, you need to confirm which GDevelop version and which iOS version.

For issue #2, can you share a dummy project demonstrating the issue?
Is this only iOS too?

#1 Lastest Gdevelop update, tested on iPhone 11 and 12 with iOS updated.

#2 Gonna record the dummy project asap

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@Gruk I noticed that any additive rendering object spreads to the whole tilemap object. It also happens with light objects, as shown on video.

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Sorry for not answering earlier, I was away.
I see you have reported it directly on the Github :ok_hand:

Yes. Thanks! Lets wait now

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