3 Windows bugs - Drag&drop, compilling, saving


I’m very new here so I’m not completely sure if those are known issues. Anyway…

Here are the problems:

:exclamation: 1. In the sprite editing window, when I try to drag and drop a bunch of selected images (from the picture treeview panel) to the animation sequence, only the last selected picture is added, forcing me to drag the images in the sequence one by one.

:exclamation: 2. After adding a “big” (800x600 :stuck_out_tongue: ) picture to the project to use as backgorund in a modded versión of the breakout example, the program stops allowing me to correct compiling the game in a single file executable (every time I try it the result is a 93kb exe that can’t run).

Project attached: custom_breaker.7z (186 KB)

:exclamation: 3. Projects are getting saved to a *.gdg.autosave file instead of the default *.gdg file, that leads to confusion and force to rename the file everytime the project is gonna be edited.

I’m testing Game Develop in a low spec netbook with Windows 7 and 1366x768 resolution.

That’s all by now. I think this a great project with a lot potential, so thank’s for all the effort :sunglasses:

The project is saved to the .gdg file but autosaves are save into the .gdg.autosave to avoid loss of data if there is a bug in Game Develop.

Can you upload this Game Develop file (and the image) with your post?

Yes Victor, that’s right and that’s a beautiful feature of this program. Now, I’m saying that every time I click the “Save” command the project is getting saved to the gdg.autosave backup file instead of the gdg file, and the gdg file remains at 5kb no matters how much times I save the project.

Yes, done.

Are you doing save as and then choosing somewhere to save it? Also, the project will only say above 5kb if it reaches a size >= 6kb. Code is quite small in size, so it might take quite a lot of new code to make an entire kb.

For the program that will not compile - You didn’t have an image for the brick object, but once I added an image for that, it compiled to a 2.3mb .exe file that did run.

Ok, ok, let’s see… I understand you’re trying to rule out all possible misunderstandings that come from a lack of technical knowledge by the user side, and I really really understand that’s usually quite practical in a “reporting bugs” forum :slight_smile:

So now I said something pretty, let’s review some elementary notions of what’s happening:

:arrow_right: Yes, a string of text is a very basic and light kind of data to store.

:arrow_right: Yes, I chose one time where to save my project, to a gdg file with a consequent gdg extension added by the program itself.

:arrow_right: Eventually I saved the project many times by simply clicking the “Save” command of the “Archive” menu, and eventually I saved for the last time, closed the program, I had dinner a bowl of tomato soup and go to bed. Cool.

:arrow_right: When I try to open again my project, my beautiful platformer appeared empty; you know, like a brand new empty project, without a single line of “code” (well, with the events windows in blank) and an empty images repository and empty scene design and then I said: F*ING ST!!! and I get very very very sad :frowning:

:arrow_right: When I managed to restore myself from that huge sadness and desperation, and after a little eagle view above the folder containing the files o f my project, I finally understand what happened: the gdg.autosave were 123kb while the default gdg were only 5kb… so, I manually switch the extensions and VOILÀ! a light beam from the skyes descend over my computer and everything was ok.

:arrow_right: But that is not the only time I’ve experienced that.

And, about that project that don’t compiles:

:arrow_right: When I prepared my project to send it to you, I chose the option “Save as” and then said “Yes” when it prompted me if I want to save ALL the resources to the same folder. You’re right, it lacks the brick picture… but that it’s the result of the “save with all the resources in the same folder” option, not my fault. (So you can add a new bug report to the list).

:arrow_right: And with brick picture or without it, the project is not compilling to a single file in my brand new instance of the last version of Game Develop.

Thanks for responding.

Does it work if you compile NOT to a single file?

Are you compiling to a single file with optimizations on or off?

YES, it’s work if I DON’T compile to a single file, but, you know, I love single files.

I try both (and nope).

Hmm interesting. I’m afraid 4ian will have to look at this then, because I just see it all compile fine and don’t have any ideas why it should work in all other cases. :astonished:

(btw congrats on your teams recent win vs Uruguay)

Yeah, I don’t know… I’m using the portable version, perhaps that…

Haha, well, everyone here is going crazy about that, but we’ll we see what happens; anyways, is great win for a small and modest team :wink:

No, I’m pretty sure it isn’t portable version’s fault. I have non-portable GD installed, downloaded your project file and had same issue with single file.

If I’m right about what causes the issue, I could fix it myself, but you’d need to wait for open sourcing GD.

Thanks for respond.

I remade the project and now I can export it to single file but it 's not supposed to be this way.