5.0.122 and newer breaks my minecart

After a while I wanted to continue with my game and noticed that a few things were broken. I was able to fix most of it, but one thing is annoying.
It was caused by the major changes to the platformer engine at 5.0.122.
In some versions after 122 it doesn’t stop completely, but shows various wobble, even on the straight rail and also the sound is buggy.
Video 121
Video 122+

@davy can you take a look at my project?
I used the physics and platformer behaviors at the same time to achieve this jump.
I can’t do it with physics only and… it was already working fine after many hours.

Can I find the project somewhere?

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Thanks. I’ll make it ready and send you the link as Msg tonight.

I took a quick look at the project. Using these 2 behaviors at the same time is not supported. There is no automatic tests that ensure it works. So, from version to version it will break.

The wagon probably stops because the Platformer Character detect a collision with a platformed and is moved away from of it. When an object is moved outside of the Physics behavior its physics speed is set to 0.

By chance, in a previous version of GDevelop, Physics was resolving the collision before the Platformer Character.

I think this can be done with only the Physics behavior. It will probably allow better collision effects.

Ok that’s what I thought, pity.
Then RIP rail level… Physics do that if you don’t know coincidentally the right behavior settings, actions, conditions and values, in the right combination of thousand possibilities.
Video 3

It’s so cute and perfect, I hope you find a way to do it.