A ball with a jelly-like consistency


Are there any physical behaviors or properties that can make a ball behave like jelly? Imagine a ball that has the properties of jelly. I have looked into several AI chats, but none of them have provided an answer.

Could you share your thoughts with me?
Do you have any insights on how to approach this plan?


There are no soft bodies. I recall people trying to simulate it by changing the dimensions. I don’t recall their method or success. I believe 1 was either jiggle or jiggly.

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I would try the following:

  • Create multiple physics objects, and attach them with joints, switching self collision on.

  • Use the marching squares extension with shape painter, drawing on/around each of your physics objects.

  • Hide the objects so just the shape painter is seen.

I’d probably use rope joints for a more wibbly wobbly jelly look but different joints will give you a different effect, so it’s worth testing all of them. Same goes for the pattern in which you connect them.

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Thank you for your reply.

Based on your opinion, I suppose there is no way to simulate objects like a rope or liquid. Am I correct?

Then its not possible to make a game like these successful games?

Cut the rope.
Where is my water?


Actually, I believe you can.

For a rope cut-the rope style, you can use multiple small rope parts and use physics joints to join them together, allowing to make a flexible “chain” that behaves mostly like a rope. it makes cutting the rope easy too, because you can just remove the join at the place where it was cut, allowing to simulate the rope parts dangling and falling with the candy too.

For where’s my water style water, you can simply use a lot of small ball objects for the water particles, and use the marching squares extension to render them in a way that resembles water more closely.

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Here is a rope physics example

Thanks. Do you have any Ideas about water and jelly?

But how can I position numerous sprites on the scene? For instance, placing a sprite on the scene 500 times?

Microsoft copilot:

Certainly! Simulating water in GDevelop is achievable, although it might require some creative approaches. Here are a couple of methods:

  1. Dynamic Water Extension (Experimental):
  • There’s an experimental extension that allows you to simulate dynamic water surfaces in GDevelop 5. It lets you adjust properties like tension, damping, and spreading to create different types of liquids (water, jelly, lava, etc.). You can even control visual properties such as color opacity and effects1.
  • The extension provides a way to obtain the height of the water surface at any point, which is useful for creating realistic interactions.
  1. Physics Prototype and Movement Adjustments:

Remember that GDevelop’s flexibility allows for creative solutions, so experiment and adapt these techniques to suit your specific project! :ocean::bulb: