A bug related to Grid

Hi everyone. I was facing this bug for quite a lot of time and decided to Bug report it. I have my sprite and its origin point is in the centre.
But even after that, my sprite is not going along the grid, it is going inside the grid. I mean something like:
It should have been here:

But its here:

AFAIK, the points are for inside the game, not for the editor.

In previous version, objects used to snap based on their origin points.

This does appear to be a bug, or at least a change in behavior. I can somewhat recreate this issue by opening up an example on the web client and then adjusting the origin point.

It will adjust the sprite position for a moment, but once I move more then 2-3 spaces on a grid it snaps back.

Davey made some changes a while ago I remember arthuro saying something about wishing such a change would be a settings option

It says about snapping
“It will magnet the corner nearest to the grabbing position”

:thinking: That was the preview being put in front of all other windows I believe