A couple GDevelop Questions


I have a couple of questions to determine whether I’ll use GDevelop.

  1. Can you make apps for Ios/Android using GDevelop?

  2. Can you use ads in the apps you create?

  3. Is it free to make and publish?

  4. Can you make the same type of games using GDevelop as you would using Corona SDK, Unity, or Construct2?

  5. What are some popular Ios/Android apps made with GDevelop


1: Yes it makes android and ios apps via the intel xdk.
2: No, but with permission maybe you can make a sprite go to a webpage of the company your advertising for.
3: Yup.
4: It doesn’t support 3D but you can make just about any 2D game.
5: The gdevelop homepage has a few popular games made with gdevelop. Such as mega panic pixel, dix, and blazing inferno of space.
Hope this helps :smiley:

You can also change the index.html generated by GDevelop to add an ad.

So i can use admob?

Yes, you’ll need to edit the “index.html” file in your exported HTML5 game.

Thanks. Also, can you list a couple of popular ios/android games made with GDevelop since the main page of GDevelop only shows HTML Games?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a list. :frowning:

Do you know any ios/android games made with GDevelop?


I played blue quest lite. It was an android app made with gdevelop. Cool game, but not exactly the most popular app on the play store.

2 more questions:

  1. How long does it take to learn GDevelop for a beginner?

  2. How long does it take to make your first game?

@ legion-_of-doom: do you know anymore apps made with GDevelop?

  1. Depends on the time you spend on it, but it’s really fast, from every IDE i worked with, GDevelop is the faster/easiest. It depends also on what are your experience with some concepts.

  2. Depends on the game, you can have a working platformer game in less than 20 hours of works and 10 levels, depends on time you spent to it, on sounds, graphics, …

For example i work on a huge game for months where i do everything by myself, as experienced developper, 2d artists and sound designer (More than ten years of computed music), i think spent i think more 1200 hours right now on the project and i not even did 25% of the global project.

But the sure thing is for the result i have right now, i should have worked 2x to 5x more for example on flash or director.

I have a simple game here : aushadow.hostoi.com. this game will work on Android in browser and I also used Intel Xdk and have it working as an app on my phone. I am a complete begginer and probably have around 15hrs so far to get to that

Making games isn’t a easy or quick task.
So i’m very glad gdevelop is around to make it faster and easier :smiley:

Oh as of for more android apps. You might find some on the games showcase topics.

The game looks good. How long did it take you to learn GDevelop?

Not too long and I only know the bare basics but defiantly start with the platform we tutorial

How long did it take you to make the game and is it your first game?

I had a game working in an hour (the shooter tutorial)
But I was told what to do and I already had the resources.
But i’d say you could make something great in a few months.
Depends on the game and resources you’d need though.
A platformer wouldn’t take long at all.
But a top down online shooter would take much more time.

Yes that is my first game and it was functional in less then 2 days, just still working on it here and expanding on the basic game, almost been 3 weeks but new versions not ready for upload :stuck_out_tongue: