A couple technical questions about GD

Hello everybody

For the first time in my life I wish I could speak French :slight_smile:

I see GD uses SFML, and I assume it interfaces with OpenGL? I was wondering if GD makes use of hardware acceleration through OpenGL?
Also, does GD support any AA like multisampling?

I’ve seen similiar software like Scirra Construct make use of the Box2D physics library, are there any plans to port a physics engine to GD, or are there any community made physics templates available?

This an excellent software by the way, thank you for making it :smiley:

Indeed, GD makes use of SFML and OpenGL, as SFML is based on this latter ( A lot of things are implemented thanks to SFML, but the object “Box3D” for example use OpenGL to rendering it self ).
GD uses thus hardware acceleration.

I believe SFML allows to choose the antialiasing level of a window, but this value can’t be changed in GD for now.

I plan to add physic capabilities to GD, but I need to add a system similar to the behaviours of Construct before doing this. :slight_smile: