A different homescreen when not connected with the internet

Today, my internet was down for a while. So there was nothing to do so I opened up GDevelop. If I was connected to the internet, it would’ve shown me this:

a beautiful home screen

But as I wasn’t, it showed me this instead:

A not-so-attractive and in my personal opinion, bad home screen. So what I would like to say is, how about a different home screen for when you are offline and not connected with the internet. A home screen while you’re not connected to the internet, doesn’t show this:

and same with other error messages


Yeah, I’m not fond of that either.
You wrote what you don’t want to see, but what do you want to see instead?
Recently opened projects?

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It can be anything. Sure, recently opened projects are fine. Or maybe bring back the old home screen when we are offline.