A text game with a selection element

Hi! I want to make a text game with selection elements. Tell me how it can be done? I assumed at first that it was possible to make just a lot of scenes in each selection, but perhaps this is not the best option. I also assumed that it was possible to implement this through the tree dialog system, but I didn’t understand how to make it so that you could choose with the mouse, and not just with buttons. What is the best way for such a game?

What exactly do you mean by selection elements? text inputs?

I want to be able to select options with the mouse in the game. For example , the screen displays: “You wake up” and from below there are options that could be selected with the mouse: “get up and go to work”, “continue to sleep”,

I never touched dialogue system
But to me it looks like you are asking for how to make clickable buttons with text
Which any menu tutorial should explain the process

Now tricky part would be how to do something to dialogue if one or another button is clicked and i say tricky because like i said i never used dialogue system and i would not know how to interact with it


I’m thinking whether GDevelop is the best tool for this kind of game? For example Twine (http://twinery.org/) is nice tool for interactive text-based stories. There are very good tutorials of this in Youtube.

I looked at twine, it seems to me that it is somehow problematic to configure the interface, the background. All the elaboration is aimed only at branching the story, but it seems as if there is no flexibility in this constructor.

The interface configuration in Twine must be done using CSS. With that the interface can be modified quite freely (you can add images and backgrounds, change font styles etc.) but you are right, Twine editor doesn’t have any proper drag-and-drop tools for this. There are good instructions in the web how to modify the layout, but it’s mostly a manual handwork.

Perhaps the dialogue system (Yarn) in GDevelop would suit you. I made a tutorial about it. Have a quick skip through that and see if it’s what you’re after. What I show is a basic system, but it can, of course, be more advanced and dynamic, with a little extra effort and time.

I show how to create an options interaction which, I think, is what you’re describing in your original post. For example, a character might get a choice of 2 or 3 things to say. In the tutorial you choose an option with cursor keys, but I think it can be done with mouse clicks. I haven’t done it, but I think it’s possible to put the options into separate objects and make them clickable. I have always had all the options in the same box and navigated with buttons, so I can’t be 100% sure.

If nothing else, looking into Yarn in GDevelop might help you make a decision about whether it can do what you want and whether it suits your needs. If you’re not keen on Yarn, you would need to create all the events to make the exact thing you have in mind. It sounds like Twine might be the answer, in that case, and would save you a lot of work, though I have never used Twine myself.

I found a solution to my problem. This guy has an extension that allows you to select options through the mouse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xsLxP-BoXU