"A touch has ended" does not work with a cursor

This does not work, should it?

I have to use “A touch has ended” as if I don’t, it will fire the button 60 times a second, but then I cannot test the game using “Preview” as the cursor does not work.

I used “Trigger once” as that works with a cursor, but then the button only works once per scene, I need it to work many times per scene.


Use “Trigger once” as a sub-event.

Is that reply to yourself a solution, or a note of where you use it?

So you (or anyone else reading this one) understands what’s going on, the issue you are experiencing is that the cursor doesn’t move unless you touch elsewhere. So when you touch the play button, the cursor is moved over the button and stays there.

That is also why it fires 60 odd times a second, and only works once per scene using a trigger once; because the cursor hasn’t moved to elsewhere on the screen.


To add on to what MrMen posted above, in most cases you do not want to use “a touch has ended” unless you’re using multitouch, and even then you’re not going to use it with an action like the above.

It’s not designed for mouse usage at all, that is the “Mouse button is down/released” actions. And again, in most cases you’ll want to use “Mouse button is down” not “has ended/released” for these type of actions. (With trigger once.)