Able to select locked objects in the editor

Even though I have objects locked, for example this 3D particle emitter, I’m able to select them in the editor by clicking on them.

Hello, Morgan

It’s not a bug. When you lock the position and angle of the instance in the editor, the icon becomes a padlock and you can still select the instance in the editor like in your screenshoot. If you stop your mouse over the button you can see that you can prevent the selection too if you click again:


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It’s sad but I find the new editor more confusing in every way. Maybe it would be cool to have a legacy editor option?

I think the tendency is for the editor to change over time, so it seems to me that having a previous version wouldn’t make much sense. If you can think of an alternative to buttons and organization, it would be nice to open a feature request explaining why you want such a change or implementation. I particularly liked the new look, but maybe it can improve.