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Is it only when I first create a project that I can set a location to store my project?

I first thought that a project folder was created. But there was only json file

I created a folder called ‘Projects’, so I had to create a new folder.

I tried to put the json file in the new folder and save it in GDEVELOP, but I got an error message.

I looked for a change to the location of the project file, but I couldn’t find it.

So I gave up and changed the folder name and file location according to the first settings.

I used to use a game maker.

The game maker didn’t make any changes to the original, no matter where it was imported.

And every time I saved it, it was saved in the project folder.

GDEVELOP seems a little different.

Modifying a resource also modifies the source, and when I save the resource, it is stored where the source resource was located.

Can I set a location for storing resources? Can I just create a new one within the project folder without affecting the original one? :confused:

1 - When you create a new project, in the new project dialog, scroll down, the option to choose the project directory is at the bottom, maybe it should be moved up? :slight_smile:

You can move a project freely, but take into account that the resources are stored in relative paths, so if you move the project you should move the resources inside the folder directory too, for example if you have this:

ProjectFolder game.json res player.png
If you move the game.json file you should move the “res” folder too, and put it in the same folder than the project file, so the relative path “res/player.png” still works.

If you use resources from locations outside the folder project, for example the desktop, you’ll have to fix the resources path inside the GD resources manager, if you have this files structure:



The resource “player.png” will have the path “…/…/Desktop/player.png” (relative), so if you move the project one level up:



Now the path should be “…/Desktop/player.png”, you’ll have to fix it manually :confused:

About the resources being saved in the same location that the original resources, I guess you’re talking about Piskel, sadly I can’t help you there, haven’t worked with it a lot :frowning:

Thank you for your answer.

You mentioned two examples of the first problem, but the second one is not sure why.

But I don’t think this is important.

Your answer and I have tested this and that and it seems that there is no way to modify the resource file except to set the location when it is first imported.

I think the piskel is a little uncomfortable.

Once you’ve imported it, you can’t change the location. The same is true of Resource Manager.
Or maybe I couldn’t find it.

Can’t I multi-select using shift keys in the Resource Manager or sprites list?

Every time I import a resource for a pixel graphic, it appears to be dimmed So I unchecking the item ‘smooth resize’, But I have to unchecking in the Resource Manager ‘smooth the image’

I don’t know where it’s stored if I import it directly from the sprite list without using a piskel.
In addition, if I want to import a GIF file, I must use a piskel. :frowning:

And this is an additional question.

I’ve searched this forum and on wiki for the use of tile sets.
I think it’s a function that existed in gdevelop4.
Currently, there is a function called tiled sprite.

However, this function cannot be used by putting a tiled set image in one place, and it seems like I need to create an object one by one for each image.

Is there any other way I can’t cut one image? :cry: