About facebook instant

hello, I’m new to the forums (and gdevelop). I want to mke fb instant games.

I learned that fb instant games have size limitation (the file should be around 1-2 mb?) but a programmer can use it to download additional files (if the game is bigger) and play the whole game.

Can this be done in Gdevelop? If my game turns out to be say around 10 mb, will i be able to split it into loader and additional downloadable file/such from gdevelop itself (without coding externally)?
(I have no web programming knowledge)

edit: also when will gdevelop 5 stable version be released?


I don’t think its possible to downloading external data in Facebook instant will workout. All you can do is to optimize your game to reduce size. And about gdevelop 5 stable release you have to use 1 version previous to have the stable. But most of gdevelop beta didn’t make much problem for me .

Firstly, thank you for replying… as for “not possible”, I assume you mean it isn’t possible in gdevelop? :sob:

I searched about it after reading 1 mb size limit, Facebook instant FAQ says

we do recommend that the initial download time not exceed 5 seconds. You can host game bundles of up to 200MB, but only require necessary files in the initial load.