About GD Network Features extension

Hi 4ian,

I’ve been played with network example today - each player moving a character on screen - and it worked both local and with another friend on another city, very nice!

Maybe it’s a stupid question, but… i would like to know if the created socket connection is UDP based, since it’s better suitable for gaming in general. But don’t know if it’s more complicated to do an UDP socket, in point of view from development.

Anyway, great tool! It take my language as default, Game Develop in portuguese, hah!

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The Network extension uses an UDP based socket.
But, thanks to GD, it’s easier to create a connection between computers.

The only one defect of an UDP socket is that we are not sure that a data arrives correctly in the computer. But the data is sent many times per second, so it’s a very small defect.

Hey Victor,

Thank you for your response. Well, that UDP problem (unordered and unconfirmed data transmission) is a known problem aswell, but it makes the traffic faster than TCP. I’ve got some knowledge about here: http://gafferongames.com/, a good beginner resource to anyone who wants to implement network on your game.

I was thinking later, in most of the games with direct ip connections, we just need to pass ip from one player (and not from all players like network example), and have wondered if it’s applicable on the same case… Anyone knows and can answer this?

Thank you very much!

Indeed, the Network extension uses UDP sockets.

I think you can recreate the same behaviour with Game Develop :

-Initialize reception of data on both computers.
-Use the IP address of the second computer on the first computer to send a data ( Let’s call it “IPAdress” ) which contains the IP address of the first computer to the second computer.
-Check on the second computer if it received a data called “IPAdress”. If such a packet is received, use the IP address contained into the data to add the first computer to the recipient list.

Indeed it should do the trick, but… how can the first computer grab its own External IPAdress? Is there such a command to do that? Or do i have to rely on something like retrieving address from a site like whatismyip.com?

Greetings, and once again, great tool 4ian! Congrats!

Well, I totally forgot that there were no such way to get the IP Address of the computer :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve added two expressions to get the IP Address of the computer ( one for the local address, used for LAN, and another one to get the internet address. By the way, this expression rely on whatismyip.com to get the IP Address, there is not any other way to achieve this ).

They will be available in the next version of GD.

Thanks, and glad you found GD useful. :slight_smile:

As i’ve suspected, but well, these two expressions are wellcome - Thanks! Anyway, i will mess with other aspects from game develop.