Accessing the Condition - Collision (Pixel Perfect) and the Action - Move Away From

I am learning Gdevelop by going through the examples provided within.
I was checking out the example - basic ai with pathfinding (enemy tanks chasing player tank).

Then I came across these in the Events list:

To see how stuff works, I usually double click events and actions. Although when I double click these for some reason they DONT appear in the list on the left side (not even in the search) as any event should.

Same thing happens with the Action - Move Away from. It does not appear in the list.

If I try to access them in a new project, I can’t find them.

Whats going on here? please help so that I can access them in a practice project of my own.

Thanks in advance.

I believe this condition was deprecated because it was too heavy on resources this is why it doesn’t appear in the list.

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Same for the action - ‘Move Away From’ ?

I believe the action is called “separate two objects”.


Thanks So much. :+1::+1::+1::+1: