Adapt my game in mobile devices

Hi. I have a problem. I want to export my game in my phone, but the resolution is bigger than my mobile, but in another device is perfect. How can I adapt my game in all the devices’

You can relate distances to the screen with the variables ScreenWidth(), and it’s Y counterpart, ScreenHeight(). I’m not sure if that’s the exact variable, but if you go into the functions menu, (looks like a sideways envelope next to the text box) then you can scroll down and find screen, the variables you want are in there. Then, if you wanted something in the middle of the screen, you would do ScreenWidth()/2, and would do that for different areas, like if you wanted it on the left side of the screen, you’d do ScreenWidth()+20

If you search the forum for this, you’ll find dozens of threads on the same topic with multiple solutions offered. Search results for “screen size”