Add a data save in game. How?

How can i do a data save in game to save like levels unlocked ecc…?

Here is a sample of how to save/load data

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But this is very tricky how can I create is easier?

The trickiness is a trade off between having the functionality available on all platforms, and slightly easier usage. Having said that, it’s not that tricky - all you’re doing is saving a value to a variable in a named storage:

  + Variable1 - value1
  + Variable2 - value2
  + Variable3 - value3

You could possibly make it slightly easier by using files, but then you’d be limiting the game platforms to Windows, iOS and Linux. All other platforms do not support file access, but they do support browser storage access.

It’s very simple and only needs one action to save and load.

Ok, cool!!! i will try it yet