Add ability to change/set your default projects folder

Each new project I create I have to manually change the project folder and if I forget I can’t change it later for the project because the Save As function in the File menu is greyed out.

Note that when you are creating a new project, you can scroll down in this new-game-window to see and change the project directory, also you can move project files and resources to a new location manually (through your OS files manager/explorer).

Yeah, this is something I have also recommended.
4ian is about to tidy up GDevelop 5 and call it finished and release it on Steam in the coming months. I hope he is going to consider this also because there are people out there, kids, elders, none technical people who may don’t even know how to navigate on the computer file system except a few location they know and use daily like the desktop, download and documents folder…etc After all GD targeting none technical people can be used by kids so it makes total sense to me. Don’t know about 4ian.

So, in my opinion it would be really useful and I agree.

I see you made lot of feature request on the forum, you may want to do them on Trello on this card: … 0%9F%91%8B

To be honest I’m not sure why 4ian keep sending people to the forum even from Trello when the forum is dead in that regard. No discussions are happening here, people doesn’t care about your ideas only that how to make something double jump and get their how to questions answered. The developer also not reading the forum very often so I would recommend to ignore that bit on the Trello card to come here first and discuss it with the community. There is no community here. This forum is dead it is only a giant how to board. Not sure if 4ian realize this.

Your best option if you mention your ideas and needs on Trello straight away.

So there is no tilemap object coming? How much I have to pay to include the tilemap object in gd5 :question: That is pretty much only thing for now why I’m not using version 5 :laughing:

It is coming to my knowledge, it is planned but not sure when. 4ian would like to consider GD finished and remove the beta from it name that’s all. Development is not going to stop of course (at least I hope :stuck_out_tongue: )
But in order to consider it finished and able to remove beta from it name there are a few things that 4ian would like to polish first, so the development may slow down regarding new features and he is going to be focusing on polishing existing features in the coming weeks and months. It is to my knowledge, I’m not a representative of 4ian, it is only my understanding of the current situation from what I read on GitHub and Trello :laughing: