Add numbers count

i am making escapes games. i want to add numbers to unlock door. when i touched the number its count 0 to 9 . if its matched door will door. please help us

here the link

It depends on how you’re doing it. If the tumbler numbers are displayed on text objects, then I would use a different text object for each tumbler, like textTumbler1, textTumbler2, textTumbler3 and then using “compare 2 strings” compare the 3 strings added together to the combination.


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i am beginner can u send example file with source?

I might be able to do something later if you still need help.

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its okay am waiting

What do you have so far. Is that a picture of what you have or what you’re trying to do?

This is just a barebone example. Nothing too complex. One of many ways to do it.

Project files (just click the green [code] and select [download zip] extract anywhere and open “game.jason” with Gdevelop. I included “objectsSetup.jpg” in the zip as a little reference.

doug13579/escape-room-combination: escape room combination (

Online version

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Thank u so much @Keith_1357 :hugs:

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