Adding GDevelop to Electron JS's App list

Ok, so I was reading up the documentation of Electron JS when I came across electron apps List. It came to my attention that GDevelop wasn’t listed, hence I issued the PR. Now there is a issue that requires @4ian’s attention.

As you can see in the PR that npmPackageName object has the value of gdmod. @arthuro555 mentioned that @4ian hasn’t officially approved that gdmod is in any way a representation of GDevelop or its trademark. This is the link for it. I was hoping that you are ok with it @4ian, And the same goes for the usage of GDevelop’s logo & its name as a trademark in the PR for the list of apps.

In Conclusion, Do you @4ian agree with the usage of gdmod or for that matter the usage of GDevelop’s name & its icon be included in Electron JS’s list?

If not I will be happy to take down the PR.

I regret any inconvenience.

Thanks for taking the time to do this :slight_smile: I’ve answered on the PR, this field is optional and can be removed.
Using the logo for this usage is totally fine.

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I am sorry I did such a lousy job with the PR & wasted so much of your time on reviewing it by making so many elementary mistakes in the PR; I shall try and improve more and more with this organization!