Adding subtopics to How do I...?

Hello! Just wanted to propose to add subtopics like “Extension” “GDevelop” or “JavaScript” to #help-for-games-creation to have an idea of what the question is about precisely.
What is your opinion community?
What is your opinion @4ian?


I think that subtopics are a very good idea for the forum usability and for simplify the user experience.
Will be better a forum more ordered where the people instantly know where to look for something and i know there is the search but you have to look topic by topic all mixed.

Sorry for my english but think my opinion is clear anyway. :smiley:


Yes it would be indeed useful.
Sub-topics I would recommend:

How do I - IDE & Editor
How do I - Events & Expressions
How do I - JavaScript
How do I - Behaviors & Extensions


Absolutely agree :+1: