Admob banner issue

Hello guys, Ive got a problem showing the admob banner while the interstitial ad is showing fine.
The banner is either not showing at all,or showing at the top although I assigned it to show ar the bottom. (The problem is occuring in the full screen mode)
Thanks in advance!

Show us the events. We cannot help somebody saying I have a problem with my car if they don’t show the car.

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This should help

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Thanks for your reply, your videos helped me alot. But my problem is (updated): the banner is showing in full screen mode if the screen ratio is 1125, 1600 (balck borders are shown at top and buttom) but not showing at 1125, 2000 (no black borders) note: the 1125,1600 and 1125 2000 are both full-screen.
The problem is not in the implementation of the banner but of how to make it adapt when the screen is full where its not showing.

I thought it didnt matter cause its working fine without the full-screen mode or(1125, 1600 instead of 1125, 2000), here is the picture anws: