Admob banner width exceeds game width

I create a game with 720px width. But the admob banner width exceeds the game width ( see pict ). How to configure it so the Admob width is same as game width? Thank you.!


You seem to be having a display ratio issue, rather than an Admob issue.
The gray part is on the scene too.

Your image is labeled incorrectly.

As Gruk mentioned, the Red arrow “Scene width” isn’t the actual scene width. The scene width includes the grey area.

This is because you have “Update resolution during the game to fit the screen or window size” checked. With that option set, your game’s scene with is whatever the display is set to, not what your game properties are set to.

Thank you very much for reply and your help.

I try make a new setting with 720x1280 with no update resolution checked.

Before showing admob :

Then i maka an admob test, and I get a result like this :

The admob banner placed on the bottom and outside of the game, and looks exceed the game width. How to make the banner placed in the bottom but inside the game? (banner placed right under the red button, and leaves no black area.)

It seems the overlay feature was removed due to incompatibility with iOS.
I suggest adjusting the aspect ratio to take the ad height into account (1220 instead of 1280), but since the display is resized (your 720 is smaller than the ad’s 468), I’m not sure the result will be perfect, it might require some trial and error. :thinking:

I forwarded the issue to the devs.

Still waiting Gdevelop fix this issue. This will be good news if it is resolved.

Hi, sorry to bother but I have the same problem.

Unfortunately, the look of the game is extremely poor and unprofessional.

Is there any way to fix it? Thanks in advance! :smiley: