Admob Reward Video

How do i make a Admob reward video pop up after a said amount of time?

I have seen how to do it with player deaths and clicking a button.

But i want the Ad to show up over time without the player clicking anything for it?

OR is there a way to make it to where every 50 score/points the player gets a AD reward video pops up? - please help

Maybe, value of timer = … then show admob


how would I go by getting value of time?
My game is a clicker game.
So every 50 or 100 clicks? maybe the player gets a Reward Video?
OR what would be better is the time. like every 2minutes Load Admob video idk Brainhurts lol

then if clicked, change scene/global variable + 1. Now, if scene/global variable = 100 then show admob


so like
condition: (if cursor or touch) is on “sprite” Action: (change scene variable +1)
condition: (if scene variable = 100 Action (show admob)?

Yeah something like that.
If you have already made your game, then maybe you can assign that Change scene variable + 1 with the Cilck.

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okay thank you sorry for my N00bness lol ill try now

Good :+1: After that, tell the results

sorry one more thing? would i put load or show admob video? for it to play video?
also sorry again lol… but does it play a AD every 100 points the player gets or only when they reach 100 once?

I don’t know how to implement admobs but there are many tutorials (if not many, there is one) that tells you how you can implement admobs in your game.

To play ad everytime when they click 100 times, you need to change the variable to 0 when the ad finishes playing.

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okay thank you again!