Advanced Platformer movements Extension

Hello mates, I was just wondering if there is any example project of this extension

Unfortunately, no. No example or help page have been provided from the creators. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun experimenting with its features (with help from the descriptions of course)!. Part of the fun of GDevelop and game development is to experiment and create independently, so have at it! :slight_smile: (I’m sure that was a little more than you asked for!)


I’m not chasing fun, right now but efficiency. Plus 4 contributors and no example, when I tryed to submit my extensions the moderators always ask for an example, unbelievable right?


My bad, it seems there IS an example I could find! Sorry forgot to check the GDevelop github post! Here are the links:

Project File Download (For Events)

I’ve tested the preview (works pretty well) but I have not tried the files.

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Here’s the pull request:

Pull Request

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Than you very much! @OongusBoongus

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