Advice on giant enemy behavior

So, I made this giant sprite that’s about twice the size of my base sprites.
I’m kind of looking to do a very basic, but specific Ai, and I’m kind of lost exactly where to start. Basically, I want it to take 3 steps, pause, hold that frame. fire a bullet and repeat.
Facing the character, flipping and all that, I don’t need any help with, or spawning the bullet.
My problem is this, How to possibly advance the object motion in relation to the location of the back foot, or the “push off” foot in the animation frame. Maybe that’s too complicated, or maybe it’s just too complicated for me. Overall, though, I want it to be slow and lumbering. Any input would be appreciated.

Maybe you could give it multiple walk animations, where only one of them moves the enemy and the other is just for show. Let’s say he never walks with his left leg, so this animation just plays for show. Then the right leg animation starts playing, and at that moment he also moves forward.

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Hmm. That’s an interesting concept. I’ll have to toy with that idea.