After latest update, fallthru changed behavior

Greetings everybody, I have a problem:
I’m following the “Platformer” game tutorial and until some days ago, my character used to walk on jumpthru platforms as usual.
Today after opening GDevelop 5 it said there was an update. I restarted the program and now, when my character stands still on a jumpthru platform, it automatically falls through it after half a second (without pressing the “down” key).
If I keep moving the character, it doesn’t fall until I stop it.
Do you know if it is an engine problem?
Thank you!

EDIT: Creating a new project and creating the same character and fallthru platform acts normally this time, and comparing new and old project item properties & behavior shows they are the same. I don’t understand…

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Iv actually had this issue too on one of my enemies using the platformer behaviour

They just kinda randomly drop through the jumpthru platforms, i figured it was something wrong with the sprite, maybe some weird collision bug so i didnt say anything.

When i was trying to fix it, i did notice that making that sprite slightly bigger stopped the issue from happening, when i made him a bit smaller again, then he randomly fell through the platform again…

Try that, make your character bigger and see it helps or not.

Wish i could help you better :frowning:

EDIT: and no… the enemy wasent falling through a hole in the platforms haha im not that dumb… only some times XD

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Thank you, I tried to make the sprite bigger but that didn’t change the result.
I’ve edited the first post with a new try: making a new project with a character and creating again the fallthru platform this time works, and it has the same sprite&behavior properties…
Maybe the last update glitched some old item.

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