Ambiguous behaviour of object with Pathfinding and Phsyic 2.0 Behaviour

Actually i don’t really know if this a feature or a bug but whenever i try to move a bunch of same object with Pathfinding Behaviour and Phsyic 2.0 behaviour, using the “Move” action, it will end up with only one object that move toward target at the time. Somehow its created a queque when the first object spawned is deleted the 2nd will replace it and will move toward target

Please take a look at this video:
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Note: i’m using browser version of Gdevelop

The physics and pathfinder behaviors compete with each other to move the objects. You could disable the physics and then re-enable it when it reaches it’s destination but that might ruin your concept. You could use separate object with a collision. If there are multiple instances then that’s a new problem.

From my experience, it’s best not to use both behaviors together.

Keeping objects separated with the pathfinder is difficult. If that’s your intention. If you search the forum for my user name, you’ll find post where I’ve answered a lot of questions regarding pathfinding with examples.

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In general, all movement behaviors are considered functionally incompatible with one another.

You can have multiple on the same object, but only one movement behavior should be enabled at any one time, all others should be disabled at the start of the respective scene, and the enabled behavior should be disabled at the same time you enable any others.

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I’ll check on that, Thank you appreciate it!

I know what to do now. Thank you appreciate it!