An action to modify the animation speed (and others values)


Currently there is not a simple (or documented) way to modify the speed of an animation.

I think it will be incredibly useful if you include an action to modify this value.

For example, I made this algorithm to simulate the speed and time variations of each slot in a slot machine:

It’s relatively easy for me because I’m a programmer and I think in algorithms (or I’m crazy, don’t know yet) but it’s hard for some new users of this software to guess how to achieve some stuff.

The same effect I get in that example can be achieved with many less lines if an action as “Change animation speed” is created.

And as this example, I think there are other values that would be useful to change at runtime.

Those variables are there, we just need the way to change it at runtime.


This is indeed missing :slight_smile:

could be useful for a gradually accelerating character movement, where the speed of a run cycle animation could be determined by the speed of their movement (see sonic the hedgehog games)…

we used similar logic when implementing animations for froggy:

Cant remember if the programmer in the team managed to get that one in though. :unamused:

I’ve added it (an action to change the animation speed scale) and 4ian will probably merge it before the next release. :wink:

:mrgreen: Thank you!

awesome!! :smiley: