An empty field on the game page html5

My game is on the page at the left edge and on the right there is an empty field. How to make sure that there is no empty space on the page, the game fills the page from edge to edge. :thinking:

Hi there, it could be several things. So is this a game you have uploaded to a site as an html5 game? Is there an option where you manually set the size and did you set the size to the resolution you used in your game or a multiple of it? Also you can look at the Properties panel of your game and under Resolution and Rendering and see what game resolution resize mode is.

Thanks I found this place and everything looks good on the page. But here is a new error. When previewing in Gdevelop, everything works well. But after exporting to html5 on the page, one animation does not work when the mouse is clicked. Why is this happening?

Hmm, what is the animation supposed to do when the mouse is clicked? But what is it doing instead? I think I might need to see a snippet of your events about the animation.

Hi. Thank you so much for trying to help me. I have one last question.
Do you know how to make sure that when the browser window is reduced (pull the corner of the browser window), the game screen is placed completely in this reduced window ?

Someone might have to correct me here. Is it properties change to fit window and also check the box to update resolution? But if it’s cutting stuff off then no changes to game size, except that might make black bars.