An older GD version that would run on Mac Os X 10.9.5

Hello, I wanted to install Gdevelop on a Mac Os X 10.9.5, but it requires at least Os X 10.10.10.
Would there be by any chance a Gdevelop older version that could run on my Mac? Is there a place to downoad Gdevelop older versions…?
The project I want to open on my Mac is only value and string variables, and a few sprites, so I was thinking an older version could open it.

It looks like Mac OS X 10.9.5 was released on September 17, 2014.

If you look here you might find a version that works for you.

Thank you!
For information, if anyone ever has a similar issue : The most advanced GD version that works on my Mac is 5.0.0-beta89.
It can open the project I built on my pc with the latest GD version. But some conditions become unknown or unsupported. I’ll see what I can do with that.
Thanks again!