And again I'm very impressed with Game Develop.

You might wonder why I’m so impressed,

Well, you know, back when I was a youngster I played those Mad Dog Mc Cree and Drug Cartel games. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about:
Those are games (old games) that made you shoot at “movies scenes” with bad guys. Yes, that’s right. You would watch a short movie and at a given moment a bad guy would pop up and you would have to shoot him.

I always tried to get something like that to work in Yo Yo Game Maker, guess what… Not gonna happen. Not the easy way.
Ha ha, now with Game Develop…
Piece of cake!
Just load the wanted movie as OGG et voila!
Movie is playing and on top of that you do whatever you wanna do. Shoot, drive, whatever!


Anyway, thumbs up and thank you for such a great program.

Yeah, that would’ve been pretty hard in GM, probably have to set up your own way to play videos to do that in Game Maker.
Glad I didn’t go for the GM8 version :smiley:.

Basically it’s possible,

But you need to run 2 seperate programs.
The first program that you create in GM plays the video, nothing else.
The 2nd program functions as an overlay with a null color as background. Something that’s rather difficult to achieve within some windows versions.
(Null color = e.g. canvas color of VLC Media Player / Windows Mediaplayer)

Now the trick, or more like the fuzz, is to adjust the overlay on top of that video you’re playing in gm. Not very good as a solution. It’s more of a workaround.
In Game Develop it’s much better. All within the same application.

The only problem I have with Game Develop is that when I run 2 copies of the same game, the first one loses focus and I can’t get it to respond to any shared network data. e.g. shared coördinates between a server and a client. It’s also not responding to any keyboard input.
Am I missing something, or is this a known issue / case within Game Develop?

Are the games compiled or previewed in the editor ?

When I’ve implemented the Network extension, I’ve managed to launch the game twice on the same computer and having the two games communicating. ( In this case, you have to enter the same adress IP for both : but the first game must be using a port and the second another port ).

In order to answer your question 4ian,

I compiled my test game and tried to run it 2 copies at the same time and I tried it trough the editor in preview mode.
None of them worked. Only 1 instance of the same program could be run with working input at the same time.

On the other hand. You mentioned the ports. It might be a problem with that, because I didn’t really specify any ports,
but used the default ones designated within Game Develop.

I’ll try to see if I can solve my little problem by specifying a port(range).

And to be honest, I think the issue is more on my side then with Game Develop itself.


The port thing fixed my problem for, let’s say 50%.

The client and the server are communicating with eachother. (The server calculates the position of the enemy ship(s) and the client updates the info for the player.)
The problem is that whenever I switch between one of the scenes, the latter pauses.
But, like I said, it gave me the option to see if the communication did work. And yes, it did, because the position of the enemy ships was updated.
And the key was like 4ian mentioned within the ports.