Android APK from Intel XDK - (solved)

Hi folks!

I’ve generated an .APK from XDK and it works, but I have noticed that the performance is very poor. The problem is not from Gdevelop, cause I’ve search the Internet and other game engines(cocoonjs, construct, game maker, etc…) have the same issues from XDK or PhoneGap.

So, I found a link to XDK site with a explanation to implement game interface… but I could not solve it. If someone could take a look at this, maybe all of us can be “saved” from the problem. … tion-guide … ed-gamedev


Did you used Crosswalk for Android? If not you should try it, the performance should be close to the one that you get by using Chrome on Android.

Hi 4ian,

The last update from Intel XDK is a litte different from the previous version… Now, when I open my project(created with Gdevelop), it asks to update the project to HTML5 standart or to HTML5+Cordova. So, to generate a crosswalk version, I need to uptade the project to this option(HTML5+Cordova), but after install the app on Android, nothing happens.

It only works(install and is playable) with standart HTML5, and Legacy Android Build. Well, it’s how it is working here. Intel XDK 1816 for Ubuntu.

But I’ll try again and post a screencast here.

Mmm strange I’ve tested some days ago with HTML5 + cordova and the build was successful and I can play to the generated app.
Surely the wiki page should be updated in any case to reflect the changes in XDK.

But, is there any plugin to enable or disable to make it work?
I’ve tryed:

  • With default options
  • Enabled ( device and splash screen )
  • Enabled ( phonegap option)

It’s solved.

First, updated the XDK tool to the latest version.
2) Exported game from Gdevelop with XDK option
3) Opened in XDK ( it asks for update to HTML5+Cordova), and , yes, update to this suggestion
4) I did not changed anything, but icons and splash screens
5) Build Project as Android Crosswalk( Cordova Option )

  1. It works with nice FPS!!

The only thing that called my attention is the “move to position” action in events, cause via Browser it has a nice speed, but via Android APK it is very slow, so I think I need to change this event inside the game. Maybe change the “move to position” using “FORCE”, to another kind of event.

Cool :smiley:
GD would need an update to avoid XDK asking if it must upgrade to HTML5 + Cordova but anyway it’s cool it works as intended :slight_smile: