Android export does not work

I decided to export my game on android to check out it would feel on mobile. When I did, initially everything seemed fine, the buttons, animation, etc all worked. But as soon as I enter the level selection screen after defeating the first level, I can no longer press any buttons, none of them seem to work, apart from their animations and sound. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance

does it work on pc ?

It works on PC when I do it with a keyboard, but when I use the touch controls on my laptop, it is just the same as my android export.

Meaning android export works.
But is the problem fixed?

No, it is not fixed, I do know what to do, everything was fine before I added touch controls

Thank you but I managed to figure it out, I just had to remove the “When Touch/Left button is pressed down”. However, I still don’t know how that fixed the problem, so if anyone is willing to tell me, please do!

We can’t really tell without seeing the code around the event from which you removed the “When Touch/Left button is pressed down”.