Angle, Power, Wind Direction?

Are there any tutorials for such games as worms or scorched earth (artillery games)? These types of games use angle, power, and wind direction. Not concerned with destructive terrain, just the angle, power, and wind direction. Example: You use the mouse movement for angle and the right mouse button to fill a power meter, then release the right mouse button and the projectile (bullet) fires.

Thank You In Advance

I think not, but all sounds very easy to achieve :slight_smile:
To get the angle from an object to the mouse, this should work:

atan2(MouseY() - Knight.Y(), MouseX() - Knight.X())

It return the angle in radians, use the function ToDeg to get it in degrees :wink:

The power can be achieved in more than one way, for example:

The wind is just a force added in every frame (damping=0, you can change the wind direction in the same shot easily) or just after creating the bullet (damping=1, harder to change the wind direction for a bullet)

Thank you for the reply Lizard-13, seems pretty straightforward.