Animated Image points - easy to miss button - usability

Is there any reason these can not be animated in gdevelop ? :astonished:
They are very useful when you need to attach something to an animated sprite (like armor for example) and have it tracked.

You can animate them in both mmf and construct2.

This should definitelly be implemented at some point. Otherwise image points are almost useless on dynamic sprites

Surely you have the option to modify all the frames enable: there is a button in the points editor tool checked by default, disable it, other way, any change you do in the current frame is repeated on all the animation frames :slight_smile:
By the way, a similar button can be found in the masks editor tool :wink:

Thank you so much!
That button is too easy to miss :slight_smile:

Sorry for the rant.
Btw, I think that the button should be disabled by default, so people like me that are getting to know the engine dont see it as a limitation

I agree that it is easy to miss indeed, I searched for another visual indicator but could find anything else :slight_smile:

Can we please have it disabled by default/ or at least have the editor remember it’s state last time you opened it.
It is too easy to lose all of your work placing image points in a way that can not be undone

here is a quick stab at a 16x16 icon.
Let me know if yo like it or have other ideas. I will send you a cleaner version and the SVG file.

Note that the image for enables is different from the image for disabled.