Animated sprites on billboards (WORKAROUND SOLVED)

Greetings, I’m testing out the new 3D tools, and I’ve run into an issue…

Animated sprites for the billboard behavior hasn’t been implemented yet, so in the meantime, I decided to use a workaround:

However, the moment the state activates, the entire game completely locks up.

Is there some way or current workaround where I can animate a billboard sprite? Or is my only option to wait for it’s implementation?

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Well I don’t think there’s a choice to make animations for 3d cubes yet, except for that. Idk how that wouldn’t work tho. Got any videos you can show?

The apple cat is supposed to spin after 5 seconds (When it changes state). As you can see by my mouse, the game totally freezes up when it tries to run the events

I don’t think you can use timers like wait within loops like while. I believe loops prevent the time from being updated because it’s not allowing the in-between frame events. Plus the While loop won’t end until the variable changes and I don’t see any action that changes it. So, it will keep looping and adding the first wait.

The wait causes it to skip the rest of the event but it’s still stuck inside the while so it goes back to the beginning of the loop and repeats.

Edit: IDK what triggers the animation but you could use a regular condition like spin=true and then immediately set spin back to false and it can run the rest of the events.

If you want a continuous loop the last event in the chain of waits could be spin=true.

Although, my preferred method would be a timer using a counter variable and sequentially numbered images.

Alright, your preferred method sounds like a better idea, it can shorten the events quite a good amount.

However, while setting it up, I found a problem:

Here’s what I have so far. Right here, I decided that maybe since I just need to sequentially increase a variable (Then reset it when it reaches the end of the animation), I just need to name all the animation files things such as applespin1, applespin2 and so on (Apple cat has 5 sprites for spinning, all named accordingly).

So I figured that all I need to do is something like this:
Condition: Timer “animChange” > 0.1 seconds + Trigger once
Action: Change image of “front” face of applecat to “applespin” + Variable(animCounter) + “.png”

Unfortunately, I’m unable to do that. If I try, it just throws an error…

You suggested the counter variable and sequentially numbered sprites, surely there’s a way to tell it to change the animation with this one event and variable?

I’m not familiar with the extension or 3D. I looked at it briefly and it looks like it only accepts the file name through the dropdown.You might have to use a separate event for each image. You can still use the timer and a counter but you’d have to use if variableName =1 then image 1 and then use a separate line for each variable and image.

Alright, until some sort of animation support is added for billboards, this’ll be my best bet

I started to implement your idea, but it still doesn’t animate. Did I miss something important?

The last event sets the value back to 1, which should supposedly reset the animation

I think the applecat line should be applecat=1 not applecat +=1

Edit: honestly, I’m not sure why your version isn’t working. If applecat starts at 0 then =1 is the same as +1

Here’s I tested your idea.

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It took a bit of messing around, bit I finally got him to spin! Thanks for the help
I also appreciate you showing how I can optimize the code so I don’t have to reuse it too ^^

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