Animating the player (RESOLVED)

Hello everybody,
I’m using different sprite for each “faces” of the 2D character.
I’m a little stuck in the way i can animate the jump while pressing Right or Left
My animation when L/R is not press is a straight jump and not a salto
No problems for Idle Left and Right, run Left and right and Crouch Left and right, Straight Jump Left and Right
but when i try to make an event for the jump while pressing left or right, the animation just play the first frame of it
Anyone have advice for making it work ?

just check the entries here: Search results for 'animation plays first frame' - GDevelop Forum. It is a common issue in connection with animations and the most frequent solution is to add a “Trigger once” condition.

Sorry about the time i took to answer, i was just giving up a little ^^
anyway, i fixed it by adding some negative events such as “player isn’t in X animation etc…”
Thx for the link, imma take a look :slight_smile:

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