Animation and jump issues (Platformer automatism)

Hello everyone! I’m new to the GameDevelop software and community and I hope to learn a lot from all of you.

I followed the platform tutorial from the Wiki and now I’m trying to create my own game, using my own graphics and story. I have the following issues so far:

  1. The walking animation doesn’t work in-game. In the animation editor preview it looks fine, but in the game only one frame is shown and doesn’t loop. This gif shows how it looks in the preview window:

And this is how it looks in the game:

  1. As you can see in the animation running in the game, jumping is also very sensitive, and if you leave the SHIFT key pressed the character keeps on jumping. How can I change this so that the character only jumps once and you must release the key and press it again for the character to jump again?

Here’s the event code for this scene, as you can see it’s pretty much the same as the platform tutorial.

Thanks for your assisntance! Happy game development everyone!


Maybe you just keep setting same animation over and over again? Had similar issue with Candy Man saga, maybe you wanna to peek at my code?

(in any case I’ll upload it tomorrow as I need to sleep now).

Then I’ll be looking forward to your help tomorrow! In the meantime I’ll keep doing artwork :slight_smile:

And thanks btw.

try adding “trigger once” condition to all the animations that are supposed to be looping.

When a condition is being checked 60 fps, and it is true, it is firing the events 60 times per second

Here it is: … ct%202.rar (don’t try to download for the next 3 mins or so as it is uploaded to dropbox)

Thanks for all the help. I’m now downloading the file to check it out and see what can I learn from it.
I’ll be sure to update everyone on my progress.