Animation doesnt working :(

I want to make the character’s animations, but they are dont playing. Playing only Run and Idle animations, no other one playing.

I’ve read other topics, but, i cant stop any animations. Maybe, i am blind idiot, maybe, gdevelop deleted this function. I can stop ALL animations when they are ended, but, they are wont ended, because i made idle animation.

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The events pause the animation but are never resume it.

How i can resume the animation?
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“Play the animation” will unpause it.

It seems you are using an old version of GDevelop.


idk it doesnt work now (im updated gdevelop)

You can also use the animator behavior and deactivate it when you want to play the crouch animation.

I have tried to use this, but this behavior haven’t hit/attack animation

Same as for crouch, you can disable the behavior while you are playing custom animations.

Wow, its working, thanks!