Animation error

Hi :slight_smile:

It looks like if my problem is still go on…
My problem is its look like I can’t change my current animation to 0… any idea how to fix this ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

NB : if you want the .gdg and the asset just tell me… I will give it to you via email or something else since I cant upload it here because of the size (3.5 mb ) because I think Iam not declaring my problem pretty good this time… :blush:

I’m a bit tired right now, but the logic seems correct, could you please share a minimal example? You could try to make a simple example that reproduces the problem (the .gdg file, the Player object and the two animations resources), verify that the problem appears in the minimal project too :slight_smile:

I think I ve solved it… Thanks and sorry for a late reply…