Animation freezes and lack of knowledge

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Just 2 questions.
I’m developing a beat em up and I’m having trouble getting the “left diagonal walk” animation to work, all of the others work fine, even the left walk animation, but when I move left diagonally the animation pauses.

I only have 2 walking animations for the left and right directions but, depending on which way the character is facing after the player releases the key, I want him to face that direction. Like if my character is facing left and I decide to press either up or down I want him to face that direction until the player presses the opposite button.

Thank you for your time!

Right key is pressed Do = 2 to the current animation

Left key is pressed Do = 3 to the current animation

Right key is released Do = 0 to the current animation

Left key is released Do = 1 to the current animation

I do an example based on street of rage with the diagonal movements included.

unable to rotate the object does not have a defined angle. If anyone has other ideas on how to do it, I would appreciate it and we all learn.

Remember top down behavior and DO NOT rotate the object.

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