Animation from center

I want to do an animation, every frame has a different size (it is an explosion) because I need that for colision (due you can’t change colision for frame). But every frame uses the 0,0 point, Is there any way to use the center?

If you don’t understand me I will give you an example, imagine a circle that grows, I want to make it grow from the center and not from the top left corner. Any idea?

Thank you!

In sprite objects, you can edit points to create custom points. But you can also move the “origin” point (a predefined point at sprite’s top-left corner by default) to the center of the sprite in each frames (you’ll have to do it for each frame to keep it centered).

Ah ok, just now I have seen the button “apply to all the frames”

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Omg i never noticed that ^^!!!

But the Centre for the first frame is not the same for the second frame, because they have different sizes, so the “Apply to all frames” can be useless… Basically you are moving the explosion some pixels with the same bad effect :neutral_face:

Obviously, the problem is that the button is by default actived so if you doesn’t know it existence you can’t change the point frame by frame.

Use the same size sprite with transparency as the background. This will solve all your problems and is the usual way of making explosion sprites.

No if you want to use it for colissions