Animation is off centered when I turn around

I have an animation that plays when I attack it plays perfectly fine when I face right but gets off centered when I face left

Are your key frames centered. If you are using flip horizontal, and your key frames are centered, it should be identical

To illustrate Oddlaceguy49’s point -


They seem to be centered I never changed them or anything

Not only that, but are the images centered in piskel, or whatever image program you are using?

Yep they are centered I use a different program then import the spirit sheet into the piskel program I just don’t know the idle animation is 64x60 while the attack animation is 128x60 But I made the character be in the center so…

I’ve never used sprite sheets so don’t know where their default origin is. But just check that your x origin is not zero.

And change the setting so that different animations have their own points.

Then, if your object animations are different sizes you can change the origin point for each one.