Animation platform gear

Hi I am French
I have a problem with with my gear, GD considers that my image is a square and it does not detect the shape of the gear.
I tried to modify the collision layer and can only make a square or a rectangle.

Do you have another solution to offer me ??

For info: my gear rotates 5 degrees per second and my character must be able to evolve on it.

A gear shape is concave, you need a convex polygon, so you’ll have to break the gear shape into a lot of smaller convex polygons. For example each teeth(?) could be a rectangle, and the center could be a big convex circle-like shape :slight_smile:

the problem remains the same the rectangles will turn on them even and not with the gear.

I I’m trying it right now, you can setup a complex platform shape in a single object and rotate it, no problem: (7.47 KB)
Move the pea with the default controls (+ Space to jump), rotate the platform with “a” key :slight_smile: