Animation problem

The background of the pixel graphics is not erased when I put it in the animation box + If the problem is from the pixel drawing application that I use, give me a suitable application to solve this problem

Does the original image have a black background?

I ask because the engine does not modify your assets. If you have a background and want it removed you have to do so on your own in a graphics editor.

Yes, the background is black, and I do not know how to remove it, because all the applications for drawing pixels that I tried use a color, either white or black, and in the end, the background is not erased

I think the problem is in the animations window. When modifying sprites already inserted, this window does not show them updated until restarting Gdevelop. But you can ignore this and check through the preview if your animation is without the black background if you already changed the image.

Based off the response above, their original art asset has a black background, and whatever tools they’re using requires a background.

For @Ropop, I’d recommend trying something like Libresprite or Pixelorama. They both allow you to use a transparent background, or manually erase and leave a transparent background behind.

You’ll have to check their documentation for more details, though, we won’t be able to assist here.


Thanks, I will try these programs

There is a small problem… I am using the engine on the phone and these drawing apps are not on the phone

Forget it, I found a suitable app, thanks